Executive Functioning Coaching & Support

Zinc Stronger Foundations (ZSF) is our platform for students with executive functioning challenges or who have ADHD. Through one-on-one sessions with a coach or “Homework Partner,” ZSF students work toward and achieve meaningful goals. With an emphasis on Zinc’s core values of Love, Effort, and Attention, ZSF students (re)discover the joy of school, experience more positive relationships, and gain confidence and self-awareness in all parts of their lives. ZSF offers:

  • Executive Function Coaching / ADHD Coaching – Students meet weekly with their coach for 60-minute, 1:1 sessions. They’ll fill out a homework planner together, complete a short meditation, and come up with action steps toward their goals based on personal insights during the session. They’ll also design an accountability plan for the week to keep them on track, which can include daily touchpoints with their coach, a personalized digital reminder system, etc.
  • Homework Partners – A signature program, offered as an add-on or stand-alone service, that allows students to practice accountability to goals in a structured environment.

Elena McGahey is the Director of Zinc Stronger Foundations.

“As a parent of a child with ADHD, I see how difficult it can be for her to concentrate on studying. Rachel [our Homework Helper] increases the amount of time she is focused and eliminates conflict between parent and child. My daughter is excited to spend time with Rachel and is motivated by having a Helper to get her started and offer assistance when she gets stuck. For my child, Homework Helpers is our most effective tool.”
-Father of San Francisco high school senior (Winter 2022)

“Elena and her team are an incredible asset to a student’s learning. Any student I refer to them has seen success and improvement in their academics. Elena in particular has a way of connecting with her clients which makes her easy and fun to work with. If Stronger Foundations has time in their schedule to work with your child, don’t miss out!”
-Director of the Learning Center, St. Ignatius College Prep (Spring 2022)