Zinc’s Summer Reading Launch

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Some kids always seem to ace school confidently, without even appearing to try that hard. This summer, Zinc wants to share the secret to their success.

Zinc’s Summer Reading Launch is a four-week program that ignites a love of learning:

    • Four-week personalized online program, flexible start
    • Jumpstart reading growth with one-on-one tailored sessions
    • Stay motivated via regular text and chat with your coach
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Why Raise Reading Levels with Zinc?

Our personalized program combines Zinc’s cutting-edge, online reading growth tools* with guidance from a dedicated Zinc coach.

Whether your child is struggling to rediscover the joy in books or is ready to tackle college-level texts, Zinc’s Summer Reading Launch provides a meaningful challenge. Your child’s hand-picked coach will design the experience around the topics that light them up.

Join our transformational reading intensive and help your child grab hold of their future.

  • For rising 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th graders
  • Individualized program for readers of all levels
  • Price: $500 (Financial aid available to all qualified families)

*In a 2021 study, College Board, makers of the SAT, found Zinc Ignition to have a significant impact on PSAT scores.

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Want to know more about advanced reading and how Zinc’s Summer Reading Launch can help your child experience more joy and success? Send us an email and we’ll set up a time to talk. When you’re ready, apply here.

“Zinc makes everything easier when it comes to reading.”
-Zinc Ignition Student

“Zinc… helped me realize that books are a lot more than they used to seem. Now I make sure to really understand how the author intended the reader to feel when reading the book. It was very fun! I like how it made me learn new things.”-Zinc Ignition Student