Claire Dunnington

tutor, writer, harpist

Claire has been tutoring with Zinc since 2010 and is now a mentor to new tutors. She graduated from Brown University with honors in English and creative writing and was named to Phi Beta Kappa as a junior. After teaching English in Thailand for a year, she moved to New York for graduate school. She received her MFA in nonfiction writing from Columbia University, where she taught undergraduate writing courses. Claire has published in both print and online magazines and is currently working on a nonfiction manuscript and a novel. In addition to writing and tutoring, she performs as a harpist and plays the drums.

…a text I love to teach

“The Colonel” by Carolyn Forché. Every genre wants to claim this piece–I’ve heard poets deem it a prose poem, nonfiction writers call it a lyric essay, fiction writers label it flash fiction–because it’s so rich and does so much in so few words.

…a favorite place I’ve visited

Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, where there’s a red bridge that leads to an island in the middle of the water and where there lived a giant tortoise that surfaced every few years.

…eight people living or dead I’d invite to my ideal dinner party

Anne Carson, Haruki Murakami, Rohinton Mistry, Andre 3000, Steve Martin, Patti Smith, Carlos Salzedo, Marie Curie

…something I can’t stop thinking about

The deepest parts of the ocean (the Mariana Trench/Challenger Deep), Venn diagrams, epidemiology and linguistics.