Jeremy Weiss

tutor, opera singer

Born in New York City and raised in Virginia, Jeremy returned to the northeast to study at Yale University where he double majored in Theater Studies and Humanities and earned a Certificate in Energy Studies. Jeremy recently relocated to NYC after finishing his Master’s in Music in opera performance. Since his graduation from Yale, Jeremy has worked as a tutor and a teacher across ages and subject areas, including on faculty at Indiana University as an associate instructor with IU’s Student Academic Center. A passionate educator, Jeremy believes that learning happens best when each student feels seen and valued as an individual with a unique and important voice. When not tutoring, you might catch him humming “Fiiiigaro” as he strolls down the streets of New York.
…a text I love to teach

Steinbeck’s East of Eden. The characters feel like everyone around me, and it reveals the best ways literature can help us examine our nature.

…a favorite place I’ve visited

I worked on a farm in Avolasca – a 70 person town in Piemonte, Italy. I loved to read under an apple tree there that overlooked the hills near Tortona.

…eight people living or dead I’d invite to my ideal dinner party

Beethoven, Bernstein, Hadrian, Tchaikovsky, Michelangelo, Barack Obama, My Brother, and Walt Whitman

…something I can’t stop thinking about

Is it more important that memorialized art is revolutionary or that it’s good?