About Us

Zinc Educational Services is a New York City-based tutoring and test prep company serving clients all over the world.

For 17 years, Zinc tutors have raised scores and transformed lives using our secret weapon: REAL Learning. Our tutors improve Reading comprehension, cultivate persistent Effort, confirm or expand facility with Arithmetic and Algebra, and foster a Love-based approach to learning and life. By teaching students to harness the way our brains actually process information, Zinc empowers students to grow not only as learners and test-takers, but as problem-solvers across all areas of their lives.

Zinc also offers online classes, and it partners with top schools to offer test prep classes. Some of our school partners include Trinity School, the Chapin School, Friends Seminary, the Packer Collegiate Institute, Berkeley Carroll School, St. Vincent Ferrer, and Saint Ann’s School.

“I’ve seen countless students work with Zinc and get outstanding results. What has most impressed me, however, has been the way they get those results. Whereas test prep generally seems to merit its reputation for gaming the tests with no intrinsic value added, Zinc has evolved a unique pedagogy that strengthens students’ reading and thinking skills. I trust Zinc to not only raise SAT scores, but to do it in a way that benefits the students and the school.” – Larry Momo, Director of College Counseling, Trinity School

Matt’s Story

Matt Bardin, Zinc’s founder and CEO, graduated from Princeton University in 1987. Matt taught at public secondary schools in New York and was a founding director of Teach for America. Matt founded Zinc Educational Services (formerly Veritas Tutors & Test Prep) in 2001 to raise test scores by fostering REAL learning.

Matt is the author of Zen in the Art of the SAT and the host of REAL Learning Radio on SiriusXM. While he continues to tutor students all over the world, Matt also founded and leads Zinc Learning Labs, a web app that improves students’ vocabulary and reading comprehension. Zinc Learning Labs recently integrated into the digital platform of a major curriculum publisher for use in thousands of middle and high schools all over the United States.

“Zinc tutors and staff have vigilantly made sure that every detail of my daughter’s tutoring meshes with our evolving needs. They check up, check in, and are on top of every detail. Her tutors are brilliant, rigorous, delightful, flexible and accommodating to her personality and learning style. They are so on it!”– Laura, Saint Ann’s Parent ’17

Our Partners

Zinc partners with independent schools and nonprofit organizations to offer SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and SHSAT classes. Our partners include Trinity School, the Chapin School, Friends Seminary, the Packer Collegiate Institute, Saint Ann’s, Berkeley Carroll School, St. Vincent Ferrer, and the Financial Women’s Association.

If your school or nonprofit is interested in partnering with Zinc, please contact us. Someone will get in touch with you shortly.

“Working with Zinc has truly been a great experience for me because Zinc has worked to pair me up with tutors who deeply understand me and the way that I learn best. My tutors commit to having a personal relationship with me in which they are constantly on the search for material that I find interesting. They have helped me form a comprehensive study guide, are always available via text message, and check in with me before and after my tests. Finally, my Zinc tutors have taught me how to access my knowledge in a way that prepares me to ace the SAT. For them I am extremely thankful!” – Agnes, Saint Ann’s ’17