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September 2023

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Florida lawmakers voted to accept the Classic Learning Test as an alternative to the SAT within the state.

Other Tests

U.S. students taking the PSAT this fall will take the new, digital version of the exam. As school admissions season gets in full swing, this NY Times article shares some tips for navigating the NYC public schools admissions process.

Prospective law school students ran into difficulties with the August administration of the online LSAT, prompting LSAC to offer a retest. Acceptance rates at the top 50 MBA programs for 2022 showed an increase over the previous year. Registration is now open for the new, shorter GMAT Focus Edition.

College Admissions + Higher Ed

The affirmative action lawsuit against Yale was dropped after the university agreed to make significant changes to its admissions policies. As schools shift their admissions policies to comply with the Supreme Court ruling overturning affirmative action, many elite schools have changed their essay questions to ask about topics such as “identity” and “life experience.” Meanwhile, admissions offices struggle to confront the new reality of ChatGPT, asking whether AI poses a threat to the integrity of the traditional admissions essay—or offers democratized access to essay-writing help.

Transform Academic Anxiety Into Confidence

Raising Reading Levels Makes Everything Easier Teens’ big academic transitions often come with anxiety. But they don’t have to. Whether your child’s next step involves the SAT or ACT, entering high school, or a college launch, there’s one essential ingredient that can make everything easier: the confidence to read and comprehend complex texts at an advanced level. […]

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Effort, Love, and Learning

More Thoughts on Love-Based Learning At Zinc, we know that fear-based education and fear-based living get lousy results. Love not only gets better traction when it comes to test prep — and anything else we want to achieve — but it’s the foundational competency for making one’s way in the world. But without effort, the […]

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The New Digital SAT Part 2

Notes on the Math Section Students in the US will take the new digital SAT starting in March 2024. There are a few structural changes to the new digital SAT math section. While they’re important to be aware of, in general they don’t make for a huge overhaul to SAT math.  The first change is […]

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The “L” in L.E.A.R.N.

Some Thoughts on Love and Learning “Love” might be one of the last words that come to mind when thinking of test prep. As a practical matter, love, though widely praised, admired, and celebrated, has a tough time competing with fear as primary motivator. Most of us have achieved real security from the terrors that […]

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The New Digital SAT part 1

Notes on the Reading/Writing Section The most striking difference in the new SAT Reading/Writing section is the length of passages. The new SAT uses what they call “discrete questions”; i.e. one short passage (25-150 words) followed by a single question. This is a departure from the paper version, which included fewer longer passages followed by […]

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What’s the “Best” Way to Spend the Summer?

Some Thoughts on Love-Based Learning We often hear from families wondering about the “best” way to spend the summer before junior or senior year. With so many great programs out there, what should you and your child keep in mind when planning ahead?  The answer depends on what lights your child up. Keep in mind […]

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For International Students, the Digital SAT Launches This Spring

Who will take the digital SAT? International students will take the digital SAT starting March 11, 2023. If you have a current senior planning to take the December SAT outside the US, they’ll still take the paper version. All other students should plan to familiarize themselves with the digital version. For US students, the SAT […]

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A Closer Look at the New Digital SAT

U.S Students Will See the New Test in 2024 We’ve got more information from College Board on what the new digital SAT will look like. While the new test covers the same skills and knowledge as the current version, students taking the digital test will see some significant updates: Timing: The new digital SAT will […]

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Meet A Tutor: Claire

Claire Dunnington Boot Camp teacher Claire has been tutoring with Zinc since 2010 and is now a mentor to new tutors. She graduated from Brown University with honors in English and creative writing and was named to Phi Beta Kappa as a junior. After teaching English in Thailand for a year, she moved to New […]

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