tutor, primatologist

Caley graduated cum laude from the University of Connecticut with a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She did her doctoral work in Biological Anthropology at City University of New York, and was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Arizona State University’s Center for Evolution and Medicine and School of Human Evolution and Social Change. Her research focuses on the biology and conservation of primates, and she has observed wild monkeys in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Ethiopia, with support from the National Science Foundation, Explorers Club, and Leakey Foundation.

Caley teaches classes in physical anthropology, evolution of the human species, primate ecology, and conservation at Fordham University, where she was selected by students as teaching one of the five “must-take” courses of 2019. She also enjoys contemporary art galleries, punk music shows, and spending time with her cat named “Toast” and basset hound mix named “Cheeks.”

…a text I love to teach

Passing by Nella Larsen–a brilliant and dramatic text written during the Harlem Renaissance that examines the intersectionality of identities.

…a favorite place I’ve visited

Hanoi, Vietnam

…eight people living or dead I’d invite to my ideal dinner party

my mom, Emma Goldman, Sun Ra, Don Bolles, Lynn Margulis, Eileen Myles, Andrés Hernández, Barbara Hammer

…something I can’t stop thinking about