Henry Dickmeyer

tutor, teacher

Henry graduated as an economics major from Occidental College in 2015 with minors in mathematics and psychology. Having grown up in Seattle and gone to Los Angeles for college, he moved across the continent to obtain a Master’s in the Teaching of Social Studies in 2016 at Teachers College, Columbia University. He has been a social studies teacher in the New York City public school system for the past four years (going on five), specializing in the teaching of U.S. History, Government, and Economics for students in grades 7-12. His work with young people has included IB, Regents, and SAT prep, student council advising, and managing the student-led museum “Curator Crew” after school. Outside the classroom, Henry loves to read literature and history books, write poetry, travel, volunteer at the Ali Forney Center, and take long bike rides to new neighborhoods, stopping for small bites along the way. You may also find him going down Wikipedia rabbit holes to find the cause of death for each U.S. president or list of international pacts protecting uncontacted indigenous peoples.

…a text I love to teach

“A Letter to Five of the Presidents Who Owned Slaves While They Were in Office” by Clint Smith. It’s a direct confrontation with historical figures that we often call “complicated” without giving ourselves to the power to challenge their failings.

…a favorite place I’ve visited

I am tempted to say a city or location, but here are two look-out points: Pilot Knob in Kentucky on a spring day with trees as far as the eye can see, and White Rim overlook in Canyonlands, Utah, if you want to enter Mars for a quick second.

…eight people living or dead I’d invite to my ideal dinner party

John Mulaney, James Baldwin, Desus Nice, Toni Morrison, Chris Hayes, Thaddeus Stevens, AOC, and whoever runs the Twitter account for Denny’s.

…something I can’t stop thinking about

The distinctly American existential threat posed by the confluence of climate change, white supremacy, and toxic masculinity.