adventurer, innovator, teacher

Rachel is an unapologetic Angeleno, raised on the West Coast and loving it. She attended the University of California in Irvine and received her BFA in Studio Arts and Design. From there, she has taught in the classroom and as a tutor for the past thirteen years. Rachel has had the opportunity to teach all around the country, in all grade levels, including at the Dalton School as a Chinese Language Instructor. Along the way, she received a fellowship and completed her Masters in East Asian Studies with a focus on Chinese Language and Politics at the University of California in Los Angeles. In her spare time, when she isn’t setting up Chinese Language programs in different institutions, she is traveling, working on getting her patent for her Chinese Learning device, throwing themed dinner parties for her family and friends, making YouTube and Instagram content–check out one of her videos here–and living out her HGTV Fixer Upper dreams by renovating her house with her partner.

…a text I love to teach

It’s a toss up between Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Jean-Paul Satre’s No Exit. There’s something magical about getting students to connect and play with drama–seeing them bring their own interpretations of these characters into these plays is absolutely exciting. Every time I teach these texts, I get the pleasure of watching my students imagine and embody a character they have to develop empathy for in order to bring them to life.

…a favorite place I’ve visited

Anywhere in my adventure camper van, but more recently the slow drive up the California coastline on the 1 highway, especially from Big Sur to Mendocino County. It’s one of the most majestic places I have had the privilege of experiencing the slow life in. So far, I have felt the most free and wild when driving through the salty seabreeze with my dog, Pokie (RIP), his head and tongue flapping out the window.

…eight people living or dead I’d invite to my ideal dinner party

Dave Chappelle, Jesus, Ali Wong, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Siddhartha Gautama, Gordon Ramsey (our guests have to eat, oh and be entertained), Jean-Paul Satre, Frida Kahlo

…something I can’t stop thinking about

When I can live and work from my van full-time, and also my Mandarin Chinese learning device, and more importantly when my house will be finally completed.