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Up Your Score: Act

A Book By Zinc Instructor Chris Arp

Yes, kids, there is an alternative to the big, bad SAT—it’s called the ACT. And yes, there’s now an alternative to the big, bad, boring ACT study books: Up Your Score: ACT, the prep and survival guide with attitude. Zinc veteran Chris Arp explains the essential strategies, based on Zinc’s techniques, for tackling each section, along with insight about how to choose between the tests and how to deal with potential stressors.



Sirius Podcast

Excerpts From A Radio Interview with Zinc Founder Matt Bardin And Partner Will Chancellor Zinc founder and president Matt Bardin explains why the SAT is different from a typical high school test and how Zinc approaches the SAT Your browser does not support the audio element. Matt discusses the factors that make reading difficult for […]

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Zen in the Art of the SAT

A Book By Zinc Founder Matt Bardin How do you prepare for a test? Study the material, of course. But studying for the SAT is different—knowing facts is not enough. On the SAT, basic information is presented in tricky new combinations, and getting the right answers depends less on what you know than on how […]

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Seeing the Good in Standardized Tests

An Op-Ed By Zinc Founder Matt Bardin It’s not surprising that many people seem repulsed by standardized testing. The idea that performance on a test can influence important events in one’s life feels wrong on a variety of levels. Criticism of admissions tests like the SAT and ACT has gotten so pronounced that even the […]

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