Interpreting PSAT Scores

Results are in! Now what?

PSAT results are in! These scores tell you a bit about where your child stands now, with minimal or no studying. Remember, colleges don’t see these scores! Unless they’re requested as part of a scholarship application (for example, the National Merit Scholarship), the results are just for your family. 

So, what do the scores reveal?

A great score
There are no false positives on the tests. If your child’s scores are on the high end, they’re on track with high school math and on their way to reading at the college level. Keep in mind that the actual SAT is slightly harder and longer than the PSAT. Test prep helps students successfully tackle those last few questions standing between them and a perfect score.

Results are lower than expected
We hear all the time from students who get As in class yet scored lower than expected on the PSAT. This is actually great news! At Zinc, we don’t buy into the idea that some people just “aren’t good test takers.” There are a lot of reasons why high performing students may see low scores, from anxiety to low reading levels to missing content in math. Tutoring provides the opportunity to diagnose what’s holding a student back, then fill in those gaps while building confidence in their efforts and abilities. 

Results mirror low performance in school
The teenage years are a time of rapid brain development, which means this is a unique opportunity to make huge gains. One-on-one tutoring gives students the chance to backfill content they may simply not have been ready for the first time around. While it may require effort and persistence, when students are motivated and learning becomes fun, there’s no limit to how much growth is possible.

Of course, every student’s path is unique. We’d love to help your child find theirs. Give us a call at 212-924-3040, or send us an email to discuss your child’s scores and map out next steps.