Applying for SAT/ACT Accommodations

Applying for SAT/ACT Accommodations

Start early to ensure approval before your test date.

If you’re planning to apply for SAT or ACT testing accommodations such as extra time, now’s the time to get started. The official turnaround to approve documentation is 10-14 days for the ACT (for students already approved for accommodations at their school) and up to seven weeks for the SAT. Still, it can take much longer to gather the necessary documents and, if needed, appeal to the test company to reconsider a decision.

Plan to start the process no later than two months before your child will take the test. In fact, whenever possible, we advise families to begin at least six months in advance.

The good news is that both College Board and ACT have been working to streamline their procedures to request accommodations. This is especially welcome news for students planning to take the ACT, the test for which many families previously found it harder to get approval. Even though ACT has simplified the process, it’s still wise to start early.

To apply for testing accommodations, reach out to your school’s college counseling office. They’ll put you in touch with the school’s SSD (Services for Students with Disabilities) Coordinator and help you get started on the process.

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