Transform Academic Anxiety Into Confidence

Raising Reading Levels Makes Everything Easier

Teens’ big academic transitions often come with anxiety. But they don’t have to. Whether your child’s next step involves the SAT or ACT, entering high school, or a college launch, there’s one essential ingredient that can make everything easier: the confidence to read and comprehend complex texts at an advanced level. And Zinc can help them get there.

For the first time, we’re sharing Zinc’s innovative approach to raising reading levels in a new streamlined format. Zinc’s Summer Reading Launch gives students access to Zinc’s cutting-edge, online reading growth tools, which have been shown in a College Board study to have a significant impact on PSAT scores. Throughout the flexible, four-week program, they’ll also get guidance from a dedicated Zinc coach via chat and one-on-one calls.

We’re extremely excited about the power of this program to relieve anxiety and deliver excellence. From SAT/ACT prep to private school entrance exams to college admissions, raising reading levels makes everything easier.

Want to know more? Send us an email to find out how Zinc’s Summer Reading Launch can help your child. 

Price: $500; financial aid available to all qualified families.